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Round 2: Fight!

I had a chat with one of our network engineers a couple of days ago regarding the path of understanding your brain seems to take while studying for a Cisco exam. The first time you go through the information your brain says, “that’s cool I get the general concept, but I don’t think I could flawlessly implement it without having to look some things up”. The second time through goes something like this, “ok, I understand this stuff and I think I can implement it without breaking things horribly”.  The last time through, two weeks before the exam, “I understand this information, quick take the test while the nitty-gritty details stick!”. And finally, when you move on to another more difficult test you look back on the old stuff and think, “I remember when ICND2 stuff used to be hard, what have I gotten myself into now!”. 🙂

Speaking of studying, here is a quick run down of where I am with the ICND2 exam prep:

In the past couple of weeks I finished up the cbtnuggets ICND2 course for the first time. Similar to studying for the ICND1 exam I am making a second run through the content on cbtnuggets.com, at this point I just finished covering the switching part of the cbt course material. Once I am done with CBT for the second time I will hit the cisco press book for the ICND2 exam until I take the test.

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